Fr., 03. Dez. | Berlin

Business Goddesses*美人

Business Goddesses*美人 will be our one-year summary presentation and also it will be our official DASü [出す] premiere in which we will create a complete full-length body installation Performance Art work.
Business Goddesses*美人

Time & Location

03. Dez., 18:00 – 22:00
Berlin, Brommystraße, 10997 Berlin, Germany

About The Event

Through the experience of improvisation-based performance in a single public space, "Admiralbrücke" in Kreuzberg, Berlin all year round during difficult times, every week for a full year, our repertoire has evolved naturally. 

We will dare to perform in Friedrichshain's Brommystraße outside in the middle of the cold winter. Why? We are now performance experts in any situation.

During our performance, we seek to communicate assembling a mosaic of films, dance, music, verbal, visual art, and narratives, with the audience. One of our mottos is “Color Grey Berlin!” Artist Kiddy Citny agrees to draw a colorful image of us (“the goddess”) live on the floor we plan to use as a stage. 

We will also project videos of footage from our 52 performances over the year on the sides of fences and walls.

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