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Through the experience of improvisation-based performance in a single public space, "Admiralbrücke" in Kreuzberg, Berlin all year round during difficult times, every week for a full year, our repertoire has evolved naturally.

Our performances tend to go back and forth between playfulness and seriousness and we are convinced that there is a special presence no matter what we do, and there are always elements of surprise and magic.

Our repertoires are :


Business Women

We wear glasses, a slightly fluffy shirt for men, and only underwear for the lower body.

It represents a businessman/woman who has to only be half-dressed for the online screen of the Corona era. It also symbolizes a strong woman who pushes into the world of men.

Mainstream ideas in the world are valuable if they have material, profitable, and concrete effects. We artists continue to be frustrated that many people cannot understand why art must continue and why we choose to live with little means.

“Business women” is a symbol that questions those who look down on us as unrealistic or dreamers. It also expresses the desire to be established as an art business.


High Maintenance Ladies

High Maintenance ladies This was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's “DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND”. Wearing shiny, fake, almost over-decorated diamonds.

We play glamorous roles, although, as mothers and artists, both with two children each, we live the opposite of glamour in real-life. Here we are ironic and enjoy playing high maintenance.


Women On The Beach 

We wore bikinis and performed on February 11th this year when it snowed in Berlin and the temperature was -6 degrees Celsius. This is just an example, but we are now performance experts in any situation after performing through all seasons. It expresses the strength and power of the artist.


Two Goddesses

Two Goddesses is an image of the Greek goddess archetype. It expresses Mother Earth in which kindness and the joy of giving are represented with gentle curved movements.


Architectrices of the Body

This is the idea of building a building with our body and making shapes. The expression of going step by step toward a goal. It is also the pursuit of linear and geometric movement and it symbolizes that art is necessary and practical.

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