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DASü [出す] is a collaboration of art and dance created by two professional artists Nadja Haas and Megumi Eda in the pandemic era.

We combine our backgrounds in visual arts, theater, music, film and dance and between us we’ve lived in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Vienna, Hamburg and of course, Berlin, where we met.

We are both Mothers with two children each, who share a love of drinking Milky Oolong tea.

We happened to meet in early August 2020, when Berlin was released from lockdown for a moment. We hit it off right away, and since August 13th 2020, we have been performing every single Thursday no matter what from 5pm to 5:30 pm at "Admiralsbrücke" where people are allowed to gather and have public and social interaction.

We started improvising without knowing what would happen, but this year has become a good testing period, in which we feel that the weekly performance wasn't about creating products, but about finding out what we could do and building a history together.

We have created something with a special aura, and have begun to discover what our style is and what people tend to like, and out of this, a repertoire has gradually evolved. 

We are proud to mark our first year anniversary soon, and at the same time we will close this first chapter with our performance on August 12th.

Then we will move into the next chapter..



Nadja Haas has danced all her life and has a Diploma in Performing Arts London UK and a Master in Fine Arts.

She is a certified Yoga Teacher (Shanti Madom Ashram Kerala South India) and studied Odissi Indian Dance under Sri Vishnu Tatva Das and Guru Shradha In San Francisco CA.

In San Francisco she has been part of AAWAA and Red Poppy Art House Artist Collective.

She was known as the Performance Machine and created an Artist Collective called Automatic Art.

Since 2010 she, performs and teaching in Berlin. Her work is process-oriented and situation-specifically with audio, performance, participative artistic projects and actions, spatial and shifting installations, drawing, painting, objects and costumes. Recently (Before CVD) she had a solo show in Wales/UK and a residency in Bosnia Visoko founded by the European Travel Art Foundation.

She is co-founder of Nosotrosenelcuerpo is an ongoing weekly duet with Lucas Sofia online.

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Megumi Eda  had a great career as a dancer. Her childhood and teen years were totally focused on the ballet dream and her career started at the Hamburg Ballet when she was 17. After that, she joined the Dutch National Ballet and later the Rambert Dance Company in London. She danced all the major classical ballet repertoires and worked with some of the great contemporary choreographers. In 2003, she joined Karole Armitage’s project-based company in NYC where she received the New York Dance Award (Bessie Award) in 2004. *Here you can see Megumi’s dance career.

Quote by Laurie Anderson :

"Beautiful ballerinas are often caught in their own beauty. They definitely don’t know how to mug. But Megumi can morph in a flash from small boy to impossibly regal diva to a small squirrel chewing on a nut.”


In New York, she began to develop her passion as a video editor and a director. She has found that the internal artistic processes she uses to create films are similar to her dance sensibility.

In the summer of 2018, she moved to Berlin as a freelance artist.

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